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Cinnamon contact stomatitis

Eleni A. Georgakopoulou


Background: Cinnamon contact stomatitis (CCS) is a rare reaction to the use of products containing artificial cinnamon flavor ingredients. Such products are gums, toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Main observations: A 20-year-old female patient presented with white elevated mucosal patches in the right lateral board of her tongue. Based on anamnesis, the intitial diagnosis of allergy to cinnamon gum was established. Clinical differential diagnosis included hairy leukoplakia, leukoplakia and lichenoid reaction. The patient was advised to completely avoid the use of cinnamon flavoured chewing gums. On re-examination later she had a normal tongue appearance.

Conclusion: Clinicians who treat patients with oral conditions should be aware of CCS in order to be able to correctly diagnose and manage this condition.


Georgakopoulou EA. Cinnamon contact stomatitis. J Dermatol Case Rep. 2010; 4(2): 28-29.


cinnamon; oral mucous membranes; stomatitis; tongue

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